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[DELAYED JAPAN] yafuoku dome

Hi, there. It's concert season :") yes I know. With kanjanism and the digitalian coming, I really wish that I haven't gone home T^T
yet, I just found some interesting pics of DOMES! yes domes LOL. I spent 70% of my money for my fangirling, I even work for it :") I just realized that I've been to 3 of the five biggest domes. And I'm not sure if this is counted as an asshole bragging or not...... .__. I just want to share.

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SO, basically that's all. comments are more than welcome :* any suggestion also very welcome!
Hi, This is weird.....

So, I was in the whatsapp group of eighter Indonesia, and due to the scumbag Japanese phone, I had to leave my whatsapp and it was gone =,=
and then there was this someone, who wanted to have my MURAKAMI 7/11 EITO RANGER CLEAR FILE.

Can somebody please raise their hand, whoever know this? or maybe another invitation to the community? =,=
It feels weird to see hina chan staring at me with that suit, lol he was like "I don't belong to YOU" LOL

REALLY appreciate any help!


okok, so I have 1.5 month to JLPT test and I haven't even start to study yet. syalalalalala *blame all doramas I've been watching*

anyway, I failed the kanjani no kai 2014, but still go to osaka anyway LOL < persistent fangirl. well, I think it will be harder to get the ticket than concert ticket, since seriously only 5000 people are chosen to attend this event. Haven't even saw any fans sell their ticket online. hmmmm doushiyo~~~

anyway, I will go to Osaka next week, and my target of spending (out of kanjani no kai's spending) will be 55.000 yen under (I'm going for 6 days, so I guess it supposed to be quite cheap). I will share again how does it turns out. I'll make sure to keep a record of my spending.

Anyway, fellas, whoever you are reading this post. Any suggestion places I should go to in Osaka? Like, places visited  or mentioned by Kanjani or Arashi.

Oh yeah, lastly
F*CK SUBASANPO! I WENT TO THE GODDAMN TAMASESERI THINGY ON NEW YEAR! YEAH! i was that close. Also remembered when subaru pointed a store that plays kanjani8's song and he said "Nice choice". I passed that store as well. Yeah. Seriously. I WAS that close T^T

ok. bye

[translation] Maru's Precious Days 3/19

Heyyy, so to practice my Japanese, I decided to translate marupan's daily blog :D still, rough, but please, comments and critics are very welcome :D

Day 114 - Jani.

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For some reasons I can't put emojis >.<


ruru who's into maruyama ryuhei lately de~su

ah~ it's finally over, the torture of papers is finally over XD. have to admit that I had the hard time to do all those papers! but it's over

It will be spring soon here~ I watch too much kanjani8 lately, I'm really into them, why didn't I like them way before :") could have attended their 8matsuri event! Anyway, since tomorrow will be the last class, I think I'll go to DVD rental and rent wild7 and 100 kai naku koto

it's a short update! YEY! XD


Kanjani8 Concert JUKEBOX

I seriously never expect myself to go crazy over kanjani 8
Since I'm in Japan now, I tried to balloting kanjani 8's ticket via ticket pia in fukuoka, apparently for some reason, I won LOL. I knew some of their song like tsubusa ni koi, zukkokke, musekinin, wahhahha, and LIFE, I love it, but I'm not that much of a fan. Until my host family (who is a super johnnys iota in a good way) showed me kanjani8's LIVE concert. HUWOH! I was so surprised that they have this kind of concert. Chou kakkoii na~

and so then, I borrowed her DVD of 8est and watched kuruton (which is now stuck in my head terribly XD) and I also watched 8est concert. It was SUPER FUNNY. I had my expectation raised thanks to 8est. And so than, I went to kanjani8 concert on the 1st January 2014. Tacchon was (and still) my favorite, and I had the privilege to watch him very closely (because my seat is right on the left wing of the stage) and he often comes to my side :3. But what surprised me the most was Subaru's SUPER DUPER POWERFUL voice, HONMA NI. That day, he did not miss too much pitch like he did in Osaka. It was great! I gasped a lot, especially when I know that kanjani8, DID ACAPELLA. something that was only done by NEWS. As I observed with my binocular (yes, this is a must have item when you watch concert), I was amazed by how cool Maru is when he plays his bass. West Side!!! Shows that side the best, I love it. I never thought that Maru can be this cool! Not to mention he is very skillful with his bass.

On encore, Maru was passing through my side, and he waves at us! UE NO HOU! how rare is that? My time stopped for awhile and so, I started to like Maru. After the concert, I explored Eito a lot. I watched all the makings and shows and concerts, they are just soooooo fun! And therefore, I decided to go to Osaka.

Not so proud about it, but I got my ticket from yahoo auction on Friday. I traveled to places mentioned in TAKOYAKI in my heart (seriously). Luckily,my hotel located near tsutenkaku, and so I went there. I was pretty much sure that I found the place where eito danced in TAKOYAKI pv. And so I went to the concert for the second time. I made this jumbo uchiwa with "1+2=" and "OK?" written largely on it. It's my second time to the same concert, with the exact same setlist, yet, I'm still amazed by how they are actually good with their music. Not to mention the MC part was hilarious XD. I was so sure that tacchon gave me an OK sign, but then I realized that my uchiwa is showing "1+2" side not the "OK?" side. Well, yasukun waved and of course Maru too. But I guess it was not specifically for me. Subaru was VERY OFF pitch like seriously. Thankfully Yasukun helped him get back on track, but it was zannen when he reached the wrong notes in all is well.

Originally I wanted to go to Osaka concert only once, but then I get this crazy idea to watch the concert twice. And so, the next day, I went to Umeda to find concert ticket in kinked shop. Apparently, I was too early and nobody was there. So I just decided to look for it near the venue. I seriously got the ticket quite cheap and really good seat (I was in stand bottom part, almost the center, and I can see Tacchon and Maru's side clearly). During Musekinin Hero, Maru was facing to my side, and then he pointed MY SIDE! And I realized, nobody in my row wears Orange! They all team green, purple, black, and blue! I pointed myself and then he pointed ME, again. and then he just raised both his thumbs and say OK! and smiled. I. cried. I WAS SO HAPPY! I looked for another possibility of OK uchiwas, but I was the only one. I cried happily during the entire musekinin hero. Even now I still cry somehow when I tell this story to people. Seriously, I never thought he would respond to my uchiwa. That very second, I felt all happiness that I can't describe. I am eventually became an eighter in less than a month. LOL

I must say, it was really the moment of my life. I seriously never thought I could get this happy with Kanjani8. :')


in case you guys wandering. i am alive

yoho all, i know the last time i posted to this journal was last year =,= the thing is i've been into my other blog with my friend, check it out!


basically it is about my first backpacking trip to Japan XDD <<< YATTTAAAAA
and i also watched waku waku gakkou. i've made some fancovers too, but just too lazy to post it here. maybe you should check my youtube account xiv14cam

i've been into one ok rock recently so you guys might want to check that out too! especially YES I AM (name of the song). first time i heard about this group from my friend, i was like wow~
so, last but not least!!

i found this anime of GANTZ, and start to watch it TONIGHT! yehaaaaa. you should also watch GianT Killing. it, somehow, test your patience level

(pic credit to mcfib29 @ LJ)

so long!

cosu yaritai!

all of sudden, i want to do....

COSPLAY~ yeeey! after about 5 years the last time i did this! i decided to do.....


i hope this work! :D only have 1 month to make this costume >.< dou suru? ikeru kanaa? syududududu, hahahahah

Big Bang's Love Song fancover

HI guys, it's been very awhile to post my fancover here :D :D

SO!!! I saw this Big bang's song in MTV and love it right away. I downloaded and thought about make the cover. and here it is
the instrumental version was founded in youtube and grabbed with snipmp3.com

mind to download the cover version?


what they should've done


FYI, I don't like to be judged for what I'm not, try first, and you'll find out the result. For You Who-Might-Read-This. Don't you just want to find out about us? OK. I'm DONE.