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in case you guys wandering. i am alive

yoho all, i know the last time i posted to this journal was last year =,= the thing is i've been into my other blog with my friend, check it out!


basically it is about my first backpacking trip to Japan XDD <<< YATTTAAAAA
and i also watched waku waku gakkou. i've made some fancovers too, but just too lazy to post it here. maybe you should check my youtube account xiv14cam

i've been into one ok rock recently so you guys might want to check that out too! especially YES I AM (name of the song). first time i heard about this group from my friend, i was like wow~
so, last but not least!!

i found this anime of GANTZ, and start to watch it TONIGHT! yehaaaaa. you should also watch GianT Killing. it, somehow, test your patience level

(pic credit to mcfib29 @ LJ)

so long!