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[DELAYED JAPAN] yafuoku dome

Hi, there. It's concert season :") yes I know. With kanjanism and the digitalian coming, I really wish that I haven't gone home T^T
yet, I just found some interesting pics of DOMES! yes domes LOL. I spent 70% of my money for my fangirling, I even work for it :") I just realized that I've been to 3 of the five biggest domes. And I'm not sure if this is counted as an asshole bragging or not...... .__. I just want to share.

It wasn't my first time 'meeting' Arashi but this was my first concert and the last day of LOVE concert. (Yes, we had 2 times FUNKY encore, aha B) XD) anyway, it was awesome. I couldn't remember most of the concert. I think Arashi IS really amazing, they use the dome to the fullest and I personally really like Matsujun's solo with the vampire. Okay. It is super crowded and witnesses (my friends who were spread to all over Japan) reported that they witnessed an outflowing number of LOVE tote bag in Hakata station (the central station), in the plane, and of course in the airport. XD I'll make the outside the dome public, but inside the dome is private. myohohohohohohoho (you know johnny's.... and the rules.....) *sigh

TIPS: make sure YOU PEE BEFORE going to the dome, why? It lined up like crazy =,= I even went to the Hyatt hotel just for the sake of toilet. Don't drink too much, just stay dehydrated (?). You know, just fine~ Goods are lining like literally around the dome. The goods stall was on the 5th gate east and the line started from 5th gate west and it circled the dome basically. I suggest you to buy after 7 or during the concert (If you have 2 days) or when the gates are open. I lined up from 8 AM to 12 PM on Thursday before the concert, and went straight inside at around 6 PM on saturday. point is, AVOID LINING!
IMG_4394IMG_4397IMG_4399 IMG_4410

JUKE BOX RAIBU TSUAAAAAAA. LOL, this is my turning point of fangirling over kanjani :") I got...... BEHIND

IMG_4545 IMG_4541IMG_4542 (1)IMG_4543 (1)
BUT, I was expecting Tacchon to wave at me, but MARU chan did. I'm sure that he didn't do it for me (I doubt he could even see me lol) but his cheerness was warm and touched my heart LOL
I barely see anything but the moving stage from this point, but Tacchon, Dokkun and Maru always stood in this side, and therefore~ yesh, muwahahhahaha. ALSO from this point, I found out how kewl maruchan with bass and became maru shipper :")

TIPS: If you can have one must have item goods, that is the LIGHT STICK. why? I went to this concert with only Tacchon uchiwa, and Eighter style is really different with Arashi (I'm not so sure at this point since I've only been in Arashi concert once). But seriously, it was super duper NO FUN without the light stick. you know Eito have more fans' moves (like musekinin, aoppana, or just simply move your light stick up and down during the band session). AND! go to the toilet BEFORE the concert, why? I went out during the MC and I regret it :") until now.

Japan, is all about baseball :") yes..... hemmm..... I went 4 times to the baseball match and only 2 of them won :") I guess I brought bad luck.... uuuuuuu it was unfortunate :( BUT i had fun, I even managed to remember the chant to support SOFTBANK HAWKS. Oh yes, baby, I am one of a fan LOL. i'm trying to get my pics from my cloud drive.... but it appears to be like this *sigh

TIPS: WHATEVER the result of the game, always go roughly 15 to 20 minutes before the game ends. There will be a longer lining more than Arashi's toilet, more than goods lining. It was horrible! And there won't be any guarantee that you'll get a seat in the bus (or train). This actually apply for everything, but I bet you won't miss the concert even a single minute will ya? SO~ this tips become irrelevant to the case :")

SO, basically that's all. comments are more than welcome :* any suggestion also very welcome!