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nakayama chii XD rurusuza desu!

where the dreams reavealed

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hi, i'm rurusuza_xoxo nice to meet you. also known as nevesyasyeh
i love johnnys boys. but debuted band. most of them. i love to watch japanese dramas, and sometimes animes too.
here are some comments of bands i love
ARASHI : i love how they bond each other! currently my ichiban boyband <3

Hey! say! jump : i don't really like how they manage their concert! but they're same age as me, and somehow i just love them!

Kat-tun : i love how they synchronize? eh, that's not the word... how they sing maybe... but i hate their costumes! too heavy?

NEWS : i love their songs! very refreshing somehow

and the non JE band
DBSK : totally love their voices!

you can read the rest of my personality here~ check out my post yo!