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Good to have CR


ok, what's with that one, no, but, seriously, she did. she's in hospital right now. hope she'll get well soon~

anyway, I think I just returned to HSJ fandom somehow, thx to Aing~ XD and I opened my CR account just now. FOUND THIS!
I love yama

Ah~ love......... I still have my doki doki moment with chibi yama, or when he do those shaking hips in asia no yoru, but not the now yama~ like in aing, with those faces.

I also found this!

I remembered, I borrowed my friend's rubix for a night and spent a whole week doing this while I had national exam. LOL

Anyway, for my personal life, I feel crappy about my HS friends. They're just not friends. It's terrible to always get left behind. But I don't mind either, I go to school not to become the famous kid, my intention was to fill my head with some useful subjects. I feel accepted in my fandom world and my out of school community anyway. So it's not like I don't have any friends at all. Sometimes, people just can't accept difference that easily, so I just have to find people as different as I am. ^^ (which I believe I've found already).

Loving my life~ ah! SNMPTN in 24 days. CRAP. I haven't study at all -_-'




Like Seriously?

UN or National Exam is 7 days to go, or a week for short. and that's short. yep. short. totally short. it's not like waiting for any Arashi new single or DVD or concert that feels like a month, it's A WEEK EVERYBODY.

I'm at the peak of my sentiment point. The worst is.... I'm actually trying to apply what I got from 7 Habits book, which said : "be proactive" "listen first". And oh yeah, dude, for the love of Jun's P, APPLYING THIS HERE? AT THIS TIME IS KILLING ME. I can't be as reactive as usual, I'm trying to be proactive which made me complained less than usual (and I broke this rule just by comaplaining on my LJ) shoot T^T

And try to listen first, yeah i rocked this one. But it seems that people CAN NOT listen first. I mean seriously? I'm trying to be nice here. By listening first, I'm trying to get everything organized and people just screw it (see? i really broke my commitment to not complaint a lot *sigh)

And last but not least. Any suggestion? I think I really need a wise advice. And by reading your suggestion I'll be reading instead of listening. Yes. Thank you a lot for those who care to help this emotional-going-to-have-her-national-exam girl. I'm grateful.

Anyway, I watched Utaban and I really miss it :(


Thats what I wrote to my host family in Joetsu. They are ok, they told me not too worry and to focus on my exams. I've got a lot of stress including worrying about them.

After. Received that email I felt very relieved and had my spirit back. I told them that I would fight over here, so I can pass all my exams and go to university that I've been dreaming to go there since I was 5.

もう少しだけ。頑張ってね私。。。。( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Anyway, was hoping that arashi would sing furusato instead of hatenai sora, but..... Ok. Furusato is not arashi's song....
I mean not legally arashi's song.... How to say it,.,,, you Know..... Like that


Daddy's words of the day

I'm going to post in Indonesian about AFF final, some words that I really WANT INDONESIAN TEAM TO HEAR!

some daddy's thoughts that I agree withCollapse )

maaf ya bagi yang merasa tersinggung atau yang nasionalisnya lagi tinggi banget. tapi, bukankah sesuai dengan perkataan "Sebelum menyalahkan keadaan lebih baik melihat apa yang salah dari kita?" gw harap sih salah satu pemain timnas baca dan paling ga bisa diprint kata2 mutiara gw di atas *ngarep*

merry xmas?


and since i have nothing to do, so i uploaded my last fancover :D MARRY U~

here here

enjoy! currently making hatenai sora video, will be up right away! and also making cover of over (?) seriously

i can't sleep

i can't sleep........ help?

HAPPY MOTHER DAY MOM! and my cat who just turned to be mom 3 weeks ago :D

it's a chain effect

it's me, positive

and then i keep trying be +

but then people around me are so -

they complained and cursing things, which is -

so -> me is sooo -

when i'm negative, somehow, the - ppl turn +

and they scolded me


and i can't complain

oh life

reasons to deny you're in love with arashi

I love gas station that's why I love sunrise nippon
I love gangster that's why I love typhoon generation
I love green fields that's why I love kansha kangeki ame arashi
I love TV that's why I love kimi no tameni boku ga iru
I love dark room that's why I love jidai
I love random background that's why I love a day in our life
I love office that's why I love nice na kokoro iki
I love river that's why I love pikanchi
I love miniature that's why I love tomadoinagara
I love bathroom that's why I love hadashi no mirai
I love standing in front of stores that's why I love kotoba yori taisetsu na mono
I love pool that's why I love lucky man
I love helipad that's why I love pikanchi double
I love galaxies that's why I love hitomi no naka no galaxy
I love bridges that's why I love hero
I love classroom that's why I love sakura sake
I love dolls that's why I love wish
I love rainbows that's why I love kitto daijoubu
I love camping that's why I love aozora pedal
I love mannequins that's why I love love so sweet
I love curtains that's why I love we can make it
I love surfing that's why I love happiness
I love colors that's why I love step and go
I love wedding cake that's why I love one love
I love violins that's why I love truth
I love boys that's why I love kaze no mukou e
I love lights that's why I love beautiful days
I love water falling on walls that's why I love believe
I love black and white that's why I love kumori nochi kaisei
I love gym that's why I love crazy moon kimi wa muteki
I love photos that's why I love ashita no kioku
I love sunset that's why I love everything
I love brothers that's why I love my girl
I love juice that's why I love troublemaker
I love clock tower that's why I love monster
I love forest that's why I love lΦve rainbow

I love storm that's why I love a.ra.shi


my class video

YEAAAAAAH! akhirnya gue bisa pamer jugaaa! ini video kelas gue (walau tidak ada partisipasi) tapi intinya inilah hasil kelasku~ yang ngedit jenius! ok.... temanya ramadhan ya btw dan lagu original kelas yang bikin (lebih tepatnya cowok2)



Motteke! Sailor fuku

ok! who know this song? it's anime lucky star OP
my throat was soar, and i had flu, so sorry if i sang badly -,-
here you go!

if you need any references, here :

and my version :
download here